What I Did On My Holidays

Chapter 15

Those Quirky Yankees

Day 10

Another day of sitting around relaxing and working on the whole holiday concept. Naturally spending time in an apartment gives one plenty of opportunities to observe quirks of the country. Here are some of them.

First of all, the microwave has a wonderful feature. A button labelled "CLEAR OFF". Don't you wish your computer had one?

Second, in a kitchen where the sink and drainer take up 80% of the space, it is a surprise that one of the appliances taking up the remaining space is called "Mrs. Tea". It had never occurred to me that making tea could take higher technology than a kettle. Australia is clearly such a backwater.

Finally, there is the legislated obsession with nutrition. Fat and calories in particular. There is a standard label on all food packets describing the levels of the different food bits; fats, sugars, proteins and a few vitamins and minerals. This was even on the sugar. I'm reassured to know that "Sugar contains no fat!"

Food in the US seems overly processed and then "enriched" by sticking lots of one vitamin or mineral back in. Milk comes with vitamin D, orange juice is packed with calcium and even the flour is enriched with B, B1, B2 and the rest of the Bananas in Pyjamas team.

It is ironic that if only they would leave the food in the food rather than processing the food out of the food, they wouldn't have to add bits of food to the remaining food to get some approximation to real food.


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